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Announcing Microsoft UC User Group Norway (MUCUGN)

Posted by Ståle Hansen on 28/05/2013

I am pleased to announce that I am part of starting up a virtual Lync and Exchange User Group for the norwegian UC enthusiasts. The name of the group is Microsoft UC User Group Norway (MUCUGN).


  • The group is virtual and it will initially be hosted solely on Lync so you can join from wherever you are in Norway
  • The group is available for all UC enthusiasts
    • Focus of the presentation will be technical as well as end user features
    • We will do a topic poll before each event
  • The first event will feature a joint Lync and Event topic
    • After that we split in Lync only and Exchange only events
  • Event interval will be about one and a half month

The first event

The first event will be held the 19th of june 2030. If you are interested sign up here:

Topic for the first event: Lync and Exchange integrations with demo

  • In the 2013 timeframe Lync and Exchange are better together. This session will dive in to how they integrate, what features you can expect and show the features in a live demo
  • Speaker: MVP Ståle Hansen 

2 Responses to “Announcing Microsoft UC User Group Norway (MUCUGN)”

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  2. Love seeing all these UC User groups starting up. Awesome!

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