OCS Quality of Experience (QoE) – Quick Facts

Here is a blog that covers some facts about QoE using the monitoring OCS role. I noticed three points in the blog that I found useful

  • The OCS 2007 R2 Monitoring Role service and database can be collocated with a computer running Standard Edition (very small deployments only). If you do this, the full edition of SQL Server must be installed on the server (instead of the SQL Server Express Edition that is normally used).
  • 2005 Reporting Services SP1 or SP2 on the backend QoE / Monitoring role SQL database to get reports
  • For the OCS R2 Monitoring Role, you need to install the optional Report Pack for Monitoring server component
    • When installing the Report Pack you must point to a SQL server with Reporting Services installed
    • Reporting Services does not have to be installed on the SQL server hosting the monitoring database, you can point to any SQL server with Reporting Services installed in your domain

Visit the full post for more information here, http://blog.insideocs.com/2009/04/27/ocs-quality-of-experience-qoe-quick-facts/

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