Script for Configuring Exchange 2010 Internal and External URLs

[tweetmeme source=”stalehansen” only_single=false]In Exchange 2010 you need to set the Internal URLs for various services on the Client Access Server. Outlook 2007/2010 uses Autodiscover to connect to the Exchange server. If the Internal URLs are configured wrong you could get certificate errors when logging on to Outlook as well as errors when using free busy and oof services internally. Also when deploying Outlook Anywhere you need to configure the External URLs correct for the same services to work.

This script may come in handy in the following scenarios:

  • Initial configuration, avoid typos
  • Expansion in the infrastructure with load balanced CAS
  • Change in internal FQDN if you change certificate name
  • When you have a total disaster on site 1 and need to fail over to a second site with a passive DAG server that holds all server roles

Please keep in mind:

  • The Script is developed for Exchange 2003 coexistence and migration scenarios
  • The script must not be run in an Exchange 2007 coexistence and migration scenario
  • For InternalURL the script will look for a CASArray (It is recommended to create a CASArray in any scenario)
  • The script assumes there is only one ADsite

About the script:

  • First you will be presented with som choices on what to do
  • InternalURL will autoconfigure based on CASArray
  • ExternalURL will prompt for public FQDN and assume one external address
    • Will use same FQDN for OWA, ActiveSync, Autodiscover and so on
  • Will prompt for Exchange 2003 URL
  • All configuration will output the changes made


Update 27.05.2010:

  • Added support for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2007/2010 coexistence scenarios.
  • The script will check for Exchange version before applying any settings.
  • When applying Exchange 2010 Internal URL the script will match the CAS servers to the correct CASarray in the correct ADsite


Update 28.05.2010

  • Added option for checking current configuration
  • Corrected some errors on the Exchange 2007 configuration and listing of URLs
  • Tested in Exchange 2007 only deployments and Exchange 2010 and 2007 coexistence deployments

 The Script can be viewed and downloaded here: