Slides and demo oneliners from NIC2018 now online

At Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2018 in Oslo, I had the honor of talking about Microsoft Teams and OneNote in two packed sessions. I got some awesome feedback after my sessions and heard that people learned something. That’s the reason I do these talks and want to continue to speak at conferences like this. You can download all slides from the conference via GitHub, which I realize is a super way to share content after a conference.

Download my slides and PowerShell oneliners from my Control Microsoft Teams like a Boss session


Download my slides from my OneNote LifeHack session


My company, CloudWay had a booth at NIC and we had a blast talking secure productivity and give away thousands of mobility swag :)


Talking about #Skype4B design @NICconf

logoFebruary 2nd I have the honor of speaking at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2017 for the 6th consecutive year. This is a premiere event with a great expo hall and a list of world known speakers such as Johan Arwidmark, Sami Laiho, Wally Mead to name a few.

I will talk about how I design voice solutions with Skype for Business where I will share my three main design principles. Make sure you catch it if you are wondering about how to design in a cloud first world. Check it out and sign up here


Slides from my NICconf 2014 talks are online

nic2013This year I had the honour to talk at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) 2014 in Oslo, Norway. This is a great conference getting more traction in the market with A list speakers like John Craddock, Johan Arwidmark and Wally Mead. MVP Justin Morris and I had two Lync talks each. Below you can download my slides and read the key takeaways from my sessions. Sadly there where no recording this year, hope they will have the capaticy to record sessions next year. Continue reading