Send Email Using Telnet

Here is how to send email using Telnet

  1. Open the cmd prompt.
  2. Type telnet 25 (where “” is the name of the smtp (outgoing) server of your email provider, such as This can be found by checking your account info in the program you normally use for email.
  3. Type HELO
  4. Type MAIL FROM:
  5. You may get a message saying “250 ok”
  6. Type RCPT TO:,,, etc.
  7. again, You may get a message saying “250 ok”
  8. To write the message, type DATA, followed by your message.
  9. To end the message, put a period on a new line by itself and press Enter.
  10. Type QUIT to exit Telnet. 
  • Just a note: you may have to enter a “:” after the “mail from” and the “rcpt to”
  • This can also be used to send email as other people.
  • Some servers also accept ‘EHLO’ in place of ‘HELO’.

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