Configuring custom email address policies using powershell

If you want to configure email address policies with custom setting you need to do this by using powershell. Here you see an example where the reply e-mail address is set to a custom address. The template used below changes spaces in given names and surenames to “.”. This gives the user with the name of Martin Steven Williams the email address of

By typing smtp with capital letters the system sets this address as the primary smtp address. Additional addresses should have smtp as shown below

Set-EmailAddressPolicy -Identity “Default Policy” -EnabledEmailAddressTemplates SMTP:”%r .%g.%r”,


This can be expanded upon by replacing and converting nordic characters to compatible character like this: “%r .%råa%ræa%røo%rÆA%rÅA%rØO%g.%r .%råa%ræa%røo%rÆA%rÅA%rØ”

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