Save password in MOC

If you have users with computers that are not joined to the same domain that their OCS account is homed to, the users always have to type the password when logging on using Communicator. This is the default setting in Communicator. There is a registry setting for enabling the “remember password” checkbox in the Communicator sign in dialog. I have tested it with non domain joined computers and it works like a charm. Here’s what you do

  1. Open Registry editor
  2. Locate the following key
    1. HKLM/Software/Policies/Microsoft/Communicator
  3. If the key is not there
    1. Create the Communicator folder
    2. Create the key as DWORD and give it the name SavePassword
  4. Set SavePassword=1.  
  5. This enables a checkbox to save password in MOC login dialogue.
  6. After the password is entered it is saved into the registry
  7. HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Communicator/AccountPassword
  8. This registry key store in hashed value. Changing the hash requires re-entering the password.

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