Exchange and OCS Google custom search

Exchange and OCS Google custom searchI have created a Custom Search engine using Google custom search. I have set it up to only search the sites, blogs and technical resources that I have specified. I will use this search engine when troubleshooting and finding useful information. The point is to remove all the unnecessary hits you get from using the regular search engine and make sure I get hits from the brightest bloggers out there.

I have tried to collect good blogs and resources for Exchange and OCS and have made a list of the sites that are added. Try it out and please let me know if there are sites that should be in the search engine and I’ll add them.

Update 11.08.09: Added Exchange and OCS blogs from Pointbridge

Update 14.08.09 added the following blogs taken from the great collection over at the Communicatins Server Team:

Update 07.02.10 added the following blogs

Update 02.05.10 added the following blogs

Update 24.10.10 added the following blog

11 thoughts on “Exchange and OCS Google custom search

  1. Stale, good work on the search engine. I’d highly recommend adding in the pointbridge guys as well, good stuff on many of their blogs. Thanks for adding me to the list as well!


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