Forwarding OCS Response Group Calls to an External Number

Any Post starting with this disclaimer means that this post was not written by me however I liked it and added to my blog so that I can easily find it later. I will also include the link to the original or similar post to provide credit to the original author.

Just wanted to point out another blog article that is very useful. Kevin Peters blogged about an issue regarding OCS Response Groups where the Response Group could not forward a call to an external number. In his original blog article, Kevin described a work-around to enable forwarding calls to external numbers. Now, it seems that the issue has been solved by Doug Lawty and some logging of the OutboundRouting component using OCSLogger. It turns out that when you create a Response Group Contact Object with OGSCOT.EXE, it will always assign the enterprise voice Default Policy. If you choose to not use the Default Policy and don’t assign any Usages or Routes to it, then calls forwarded to external numbers from the Response Group will fail because no routes can be found for the external number. There are two fixes for this issue: either populate your Default Policy with Usages and Routes or manually assign a new Policy to the Response Group Contact Object. See Doug’s Blog Post for the complete details on manually changing the Contact’s Policy with PowerShell here:

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