ESTOS PhoneTools for Communicator works for Lync

ESTOS is a german company that is an independent software vendor for Unified Communications components. They have developed a small TAPI application that lets you dial any number using Communicator. I have used it for about a year for Communicator and it works great. I have now tested it for Lync and it still works great and is very easy to use. This is how it works:

  1. Highlight any phone number from the web, Outlook, IM session, wherever you can find a telephone number
  2. Press your chosen hotkey, by default it is F8
  3. Lync 2010 will call the chosen number

Untill now it has been a free tool, now you have a free trial for 45 days. One user licence is 29,00 €. I recommend you try it in your Enterprise Voice deployment. You can download it here

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