Script to enable Global Voice Routing in Lync Server 2010

With Lync Server 2010 more and more deployments involve Enterprise Voice and Pstn access. When implementing in pilots and single site environments my customers tend to want everyone activated being able to dial to the Pstn network regardless of location or position.

With this in mind I have created a script to easily implement appropriate Nomralization Rules, Pstn Usage, Route with Gateway and Voice Policy without any typos. Since all this is intended for global use and the scope is global, all users get access to the Dial Plan and Route. All calls and numbers are routed through a single Gateway.

The script is run at your own risk, tips and feedback is most appreciated

View and download the script here:

Intended Scenario

  • One CentralSite
  • One PstnGateway
  • All Enterprise Voice users will be able to call
  • All previous configuration will be removed

To have a clean as possible configuration some existing default configuration is removed

  • The “Prefix All” Normalization Rule on the Global Dial Plan
  • The Local Route under Routes is removed
  • All the default PstnUsage records are removed
  • Running the script several times does no harm, all error messages are suppressed

The Script creates the following

  • Four Norwegian Nomralization Rules under the Global Dial Plan
    • No need to Grant users with usage
    • Just change and adapt them to your own country/environment before running the script
  • Creates PstnUsage named Global
  • Edits the Global Voice Policy and adds PstnUsage Global
  • Finds the PstnGateway configured in the Topology Builder
    • Only one is added
  • Creates a new Route named GlobalRoute and adds Global as PstnUsage and the PstnGateway found earlier
  • Creates a VoiceTestConfiguration for one of the normalization rules
  • Runs the Test
  • Displays the result


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