Deep Dive Class – Understanding, Administering and Troubleshooting Lync Server 2010

Together with Tommy Clarke I am developing a Deep Dive Class for those who wish to understand, administer and be able to do initial troubleshooting within a Lync Server environment. The course is aimed and made for administrators and will feature enterprise voice labs and troubleshooting hands on

Course overview

  • Day 1 – Understand the Lync infrastructure
  • Day 2 – Administration in Lync Control Panel and PowerShell. Enterprise Voice labs
  • Day 3 – Troubleshooting deep dive day 1: Understand the SIP protocol, ICE, STUN and TURN. Hands-on labs
  • Day 4 – Troubleshooting deep dive day 2: Troubleshooting the Lync infrastructure with hands-on labs

The first run will be held at Glasspaper in Oslo and starts september 19th. Second run starts november 28th. Visit Glasspaper to sign up:

See this cool teaser Tommy made for his Swedish version of the course

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