Using Lync Mobile with Office 365 and Lync Online

Now that the Lync Mobile Client is released it is important to enable your Office 365 Lync Online domain to support these clients. This blog post will specify what you need to do

Lync Mobile features

Lync mobile client is released for Windows Phone 7, iPhone, iPad, Android and later on Nokia (Symbian). The feature set is about the same accross the platforms. There is no ability to view meeting content, video or do voice over IP. The main features is therefore

  • IM and presence
  • One Click join meetings (Requires audio conferencing provider)
  • View contacts

For a detailed feature list see the TechNet article:

Enable your domain for Lync Mobile automatic discovery

When using Lync Mobile over WiFi make sure you check the following

  • Open outbound port in firewall to TCP 5223 for Apple push notification
  • If you firewall proxy settings blocks SRV queries add
  • CNAME with your domain called and point it to to your internal DNS

Thats is. Should be a simple process. In order for this to work you need to have published the Lync Online service as depicted in this kb article:


Set up Lync mobile devices:
Deploying Lync Mobile Clients:
Ensuring Your Network Works With Lync Online:

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