Todays Lesson Learned – Lync and Exchange UM integration when the UM server is in another subdomain

This is a follow-up post in a series called Todays Lesson Learned started by fellow Lync MVP Tommy Clarke with this post: Todays lesson learned–Exchange 2010 upgrade with Active Sync and MobileIron and my follow up post on: Todays Lesson Learned – Lync Server 2010 and ST node for OpsMgr 2007 R2 It is a blog series noting down “learn from my mistakes” and “gotchas that can stop an entire project” type of problems with learning by doing and learning the hard way.

I was doing an Exchange UM integration with Lync. Everything worked fine and I was following fellow MVP blog article by Jeff Schertz:

The Problem

  • When I got to the point where I was going to run the Exchange script exchucutil.ps1 on the Exchange UM server I got the following error

Using Global Catalog: GC://”Different subdomain”

The UM server wasn’t able to read the Communications Server pool objects. Verify that Communications Server is deployed in this Active Directory forest and you’re a member of the RTCUniversalServerReadOnlyGroup group or have sufficient rights to read this Active Directory container object.Additional information:Group RTCUniversalServerAdmins couldn’t be found.

Probable Cause

  • The cause of this was that Exchange Schema extension was done in another subdomain.
  • When the Get-Ucpools.ps1 script triggered it could not find the Lync security groups to access the Lync pool configuration.

The Solution

  • As the blog depicts the solution was to edit the Get-Ucpools.ps1 script that is used by the ExchUcUtil.ps1 script
    • Make a copy of the original script before editing
    • Remember to open NotePad “as administrator”, else you can not save the script
  • Comment out the original global catalog discovery line
    • #$entry.psbase.Path = “GC://” + $globalCatalog
    • $entry.psbase.Path = “GC://”
  • Add a local domain controller that is also a global catalog
  • Save the script
  • Rerun ExchUcUtil.ps1

6 thoughts on “Todays Lesson Learned – Lync and Exchange UM integration when the UM server is in another subdomain

  1. Hi Stale,

    I think I will shoot a question of mine here, as it may be sort of on-topic:

    I am looking for some clarification regarding the Exchange 2010 (SP1) behavior of the “exchucutil” script: does it recognize the “-verify” switch if added as a command-line parameter, or this “verify” functionality wasnt implemented in Exchange 2010? In Exchange 2007, the “-verify” switch was a valid commandline parameter to run the script in read-only mode, and not to commit any changes to the Exchange UM configuration. However in Exchange 2010 (SP1) it seems the switch is not considered, and the script always run in write-enabled mode. Unfortunately I am not a powershell scripting expert, and reading the source of this script didnt give me a confident answer.

    • I am giving one more headsup, maybe will get some feedback on this. Thanks in advance.

      • i am sorry for the lack of responce. I have no experience with what you are referring to and I have asked around and not gotten any good answeres to give. Sorry about that

        • no worries, I think thats the ultimate simplest question I can ask any Exchange expert on this planet ;) . Once run this script it made a huge mess in a huge international Exchange system, thatswhy I remembered this topic since then. Curious about Exchange 2013, will have a look at it soon, but have doubts to get an answer there as well.

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