Lync Features and how to configure them moving to TechNet Wiki

The Lync Community has produced a lot of great articles about Lync Server 2010 features and how to configure them. Since the Lync Server went RTM I have noted down good blog posts that explains the Lync technology or tell us how to configure it in this post:

It has been one the most popular posts on I now feel it is more suited that it is moved to the Lync TechNet Wiki so that everyone can add their blog posts to this list. I am hoping everyone will use it actively so that when you write a blog post or see a great article that should be there that you will add it there yourself. I will monitor the wiki to ensure the quality of the content posted so we don’t get spammers and such adding articles that should not be there.

How to add a post

  • Start with navigating to the article
  • Hit sign-in at the top right corner
  • After you have signed in with your live ID you are able to edit the article
  • Click the edit tab, and you will get a word editor
  • Add the post you want to add
  • Add the post with title and full link
    • Use the full link because it will give the best search rating for the blog post on search engines
  • If you can add a comment on what you edited it would be appreciated
  • Click save at the bottom of the page and you have contributed to the community

It will be fun to see how the community will respond to this kind of wiki and how the site will evolve in time.

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