Speaking at Lync Conference 2014 about Phone Number Management in Lync Server 2013

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at the Lync Conference 2014 in Las Vegas 18-20 February. The topic is Phone Number Management in Lync Server 2013 and I will share my experience from the many Lync Enterprise Voice projects I have been involved in, both for Norwegian and global companies. The session will be level 400 (technical session) starting with an in-depth insight into how to manage Phone Numbers, then a walkthrough on how you can use Get-UnusedNumbers PowerShell script that I have developed and look at other tools that you can benefit from in your administration workflows.

There is one thing to deploy numbers for users, but there is a whole other process needed for maintaining available numbers in a day-to-day administration process. This will be the main focus for the this session. So if you want learn more about Phone Number Management in Lync Server 2013 I hope to see you in Vegas.



Level: 400
Url: http://www.lyncconf.com/SessionDetail.aspx?id=9438
Abstract: Ståle Hansen, the creator of Get-UnusedNumbers PowerShell script, walks through how phone number management is done throughout different Lync deployments. The session will start with some of the basics and will quickly move over to more advanced scripting and tools that can be utilized in user creation workflows and user management scenarios. Be sure to attend this session if you want tips on phone number management in your environment or customer deployments.

I want your input on the subject

The goal for the session is to give the audience the best view, and the most complete, overview on how to handle phone numbers in a Microsoft Lync 2013 environment.

I want to hear from the community how you handle phone numbers in your Lync environment, in your organization and/or in your customer’s deployments. Is it through Excel spreadsheets, manually, PowerShell scripts? I would love to use your feedback to improve the session. Please reply to this post, contact me directly or send me a tweet about how you resolve this scenario. I hope for good response and thank you in advance :)

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