LyncPSI have teamed up with Lync Professional Lasse Nordvik Wedø in order to help administrators all over the world get a solid grip on their numbering plans within a Lync deployment.

We have separately developed scripts and techniques to cope with ours (and our customers’) numbering plans in Lync deployments with Enterprise Voice Enabled.

Attacking the challenges from two different perspectives, we realized our scripts and thoughts were complementing each other.

To help others, we have decided to launch a dedicated site to the subject, called “”. Under this umbrella we will keep updating the scripts (posted on the Technet Gallery), sharing tips on how to use them, explaining the different parameters in use and other tips and techniques we come along in our deployments.

At launch, there will be three scripts in the “toolbox”: Get-UnusedNumbers, Get-assignedlineuri and Search-LineURI. But who knows what we will end up with.

I will demo these scripts on my level 400 talk at Lync Conference 2014 in Las Vegas. Check out and sign up for my session:

From here on, I will only post brief updates about these scripts on this blog, but post in-depth and practical information over at

So head on over to the new site, to get a grip on the possibilities and give feedback

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