Got Office installed from Office 365 and want to test Skype for Business Client Preview?

If you are like me and have installed Office 2013 from Office 365 you will get this message when you try to install the Skype for Business Client Preview. noversionmatch
The message states (in Norwegian for me) that no version that matches this package is installed on the computer. Why is that you say? Well it is because you can not combine a Click-to-Run Office with an MSI packaged Office that the Skype for Business Client Preview is.

How to resolve this

  1. You need to install a MSI based Office package on your computer
  2. If you don’t have access to the Office 2013 ISO file from a license site you can actually download and install the Office 2013 trial client
  3. Important: Do not customize the installation like removing features such as Access and Publisher because you will not be able to use you Office 365 credentials to validate the product.
    • This is because the one you get from Office 365 is a non-customizable install and so must the MSI installation be as well
    • If you customize the installation the activation will fail with this message
    • fail
  4. After installing the MSI based Office 2013 you can activate the product with your Office 365 credentials
  5. A couple of reboots are required to get this process right
  6. Now you are ready to install the Skype for Business Client Preview and use you MSI based Office
  7. Take note that the biggest difference between MSI Office and Click-to-Run Office is that MSI Office is updated using Windows Update where the other version is updated through Office 365

Is using Office 365 credentials to activate an MSI based Office 2013 within the licensing rights? I guess so since you are able to activate, but I am not sure so please consult your favourite licensing advisor

4 thoughts on “Got Office installed from Office 365 and want to test Skype for Business Client Preview?

    • The Office Pro Plus 2013 already has Lync 2013 installed, so not sure if installing Lync 2013 helps much or what version did you install?

      • Hi, that may be correct. I had the condumer version of O-365 and installed an RTM client, which then allowed the Skype4B install to complete.


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