Get started with the Call Quality Methodology (CQM)

The Microsoft Call Quality Methodology (CQM) is a systematical approach to not only troubleshoot and fix problems in your Lync and Skype for Business infrastructure, but also establish a methodology that is used proactively maintain call quality over time in your deployment.

The information highlighted by CQM is generated from the lcsCDR and lcsQoE databases and is real actionable content when looking for call quality issues and performance.

Check out my video on why you should implement CQM in your deployment

CQM summed up in five bullet points

  1. Server performance is the first thing you should look at using Key Health Indicators (KHI) collected over 14 days
    • New in the june 1 update is that you now can automatically import the counters in to an excel spreadsheet to get max and average values with thresholds
    • Sorting on the Burst Frequency for Sub-Optmial counters does a great job on highlighting underperfoming counters
  2. The AudioMicGlitchRate helps to highlight endpoints that have performance issues even though they are using the correct hardware.
  3. The Rate my Call feature introduced in Skype for Business is highlighted in the CQM report
    • This is great for getting actual feedback from users on how they experienced the call
  4. The Call Quality Dashoard (CQD) introduced in Skype for Business Server highlights media stream quality and media paths in realtime
  5. CQM is not something you do once, but a systematical approach over the entire lifespan of your deployment where you focus on
    • creating a baseline
    • prioritizing the most obvious and easiest fix first
    • fix one issue at a time and retest
    • maintain the solution over time as the deployment evolves

Getting started resources

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