Exchange 2010 Online Mailbox Move

One of many great new features in Exchange 2010 is the Online Mailbox Move. Together with DAG it may be reason enough to migrate Exchange 2010 as fast as possible. The Online Mailbox Move feature allows end-users to be online in their email accounts during a move of their mailbox. On completing the move users just needs to reopen their Outlook clients.

In earlier Exchange versions, administrators had to move mailboxes during a scheduled outage window, perhaps during night time. However this was problematic when a firm is operational 24×7 and end users cannot tolerate mailbox unavailability. The new Exchange 2010 ‘Online Mailbox Moves’ feature relieves administrators, allowing mailbox moves with near zero downtime.

Amit Tank has written a thorough article about the new ‘Online Mailbox Move’ in Exchange 2010 here: 

Note: Online mailbox moves are only supported in the following scenarios while moving mailboxes within the same forest or across forests.

  1. Between two Exchange 2010 databases
  2. From Exchange 2007 SP2 database to Exchange 2010 database

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