Script – to create users in AD and enable them for Office Communications server

Whenever you install OCS 2007 in a lab domain you need to generate users for your environment. Ram Ojha har created a cscript that does the following:

  • It’ll read the csv file you create
  • It will create the user.
  • It’ll read display name from the file and write FirstName, LastName and DisplayName of the user.
  • It’ll set the TelephoneNumber of the user.
  • It’ll enable the user for Office Communications server
  • It’ll set the SIP address (msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress)
  • It’ll assign the user to a pool (msRTCSIP-PrimaryHomeServer)
  • It’ll enable the user for Enterprise Voice (msRTCSIP-OptionFlags)
  • It’ll assign the Line URI (msRTCSIP-Line)

Head over to his post to download the script and see how to modify it to support your needs:

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