Set External Web Farm FQDN Using lcscmd

[tweetmeme source=”stalehansen” only_single=false]I had a problem at a customer site with Live Meeting that external users could not join the meetings. External and anonymous users got the same message. Internal Live Meeting was working just fine and so did Communicator externally.    

The EDGE server gave the following Event ID:    

  • Source: OCS Web Conferencing Edge Server
  • Event ID: 41993
  • Level: Error
  • Description:  Failed to process data received from the client

That did not tell me much so I checked the Front End server. It had the following Event ID:

  • Source: OCS Data MCU
  • Event ID: 41059
  • Level: Error
  • Description:  Failed to connect external users because the download URL is invalid. 

It was now clear to me that the external web farm FQDN had to be wrong so I checked the Meeting Settings at pool level. The “External URL for meeting content download” was empty. Also the addressbook URL was empty. I decided to set the external web farm FQDN and found a way using lcscmd. After using lcscmd as described below external Live Meeting users could connect just fine. With the below steps I was able to set the external webfarm FQDN.

NOTE: PoolName in an Enterprise Edition deployment is the full FQDN name like ocspool01.domain.local. In a Standard Edition deployment you only need the Front End Server name like ocs-server and do not use FQDN

Step 1. Check current settings
To check the current URLs configured for these services, you can use LCSCMD.exe, and run the following:
Lcscmd /web /action:ListWMISettings /poolname:poolName 
 To retrieve the settings, check out the created html in the location provided after the command

Step 2. Update External URL
To update the external URL, you need to run the following command:
Lcscmd /web /action:updatepoolurls /externalwebfqdn:WebfarmFQDN /poolname:poolname   

Step 3. Check the settings again
Rerun the line stated in Step 1 to check your settings again, and check the created html file:
Lcscmd /web /action:ListWMISettings /poolname:poolName  

To clear the external URL in one step, just run the following:
Lcscmd /web /action:clearpoolexternalurls /poolname:poolName    

For more information, check the following link:
Thanks to:$1&name=News&file=article&sid=971
To update internal URL, see how to here:

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