Installing Exchange 2007/2010 Update Rollups

[tweetmeme source=”stalehansen” only_single=false]Installing Update Rollups for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 is not always a walk in the park. I have customers who ended up with no Exchange files, WebAccess files not present or all Exchange services set to disabled. The common solution is to run the Update Rollup in elevated mode and just re-run the Update Rollup. Jan Egil Ring has posted a comprehensive best practice to running Update Rollups and also provide som troubleshooting tips in this blog article:

General guidelines for installing Update Rollups in Exchange Server 2007/2010:

  1. Use elevated Administrator-privileges when running the installation either from Windows Update or by manually downloading the installation file.
  2. Verify that all Execution Policies are set to “Undefined”.
  3. Uninstall any interim Exchange hotfixes installed since the last Update Rollup.
  4. Verify that the ExchangeSetupLogs directory are present on the system-drive. The installer uses this directory for saving service-state information.

PowerShell Script: Bhargav Shukla has created a PowerShell sctipt to check for current Exchange 2007/2010 patchlevel:

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