Installing OCS 2007 R2 Prerequisites on Windows Server 2008 R2

[tweetmeme source=”stalehansen” only_single=false]Server 2008 R2 is now supported by OCS 2007 R2. As a follow-up to my post on Installing OCS 2007 R2 Prerequisites on Windows Server 2008 I will in this post describe how you can install OCS 2007 R2 prerequisites on Server 2008 R2. While you need to install the same prerequisites on both OS’ there is a change in what commands you use and you also need to prepare the server in a different way when you are installing on Server 2008 R2

Part one – Before you install OCS 2007 R2 binaries

  • Open powershell as administrator and run the following commands
    • Import-Module ServerManager
    • Add-WindowsFeature as-net-framework,desktop-experience,telnet-client
      • This installs the following features
        • [As-Net-Framework] – .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
        • [Desktop-Experience] – Desktop Experience
        • [Telnet-Client] – Telnet Client (recommended not required)
  • Request the Hotfix that is described in KB975858 for Windows Server 2008 R2
    • You need to request it, then you recieve a link by email, from there you can download and install it
  • Install the prerequisites for the specific role as described in part three
  • Run Windows Update untill everything is updated
  • Install the OCS 2007 binaries for the role you are installing

Part two – After you install OCS 2007 R2 binaries

  • When you try to activate OCS 2007 R2 Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition or Edge Server role when all windows updates are installed it fails
    • Download and install OCSASNFix.exe
    • Re-run the activation wizard
  • Download and install the latest cumulative updates for OCS 2007 R2
  • If you have XP or Vista clients in your enterprise change the default NTLM security settings from 128-bit encryption to “no minimum”
    • Start secpol.msc on a Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system server.
    • Click to select Local Policies and then click Security Options node.
    • Make sure that the following values of the policies are set to “No Minimum.”

Part three – Commands to install the necessary prerequisites for OCS 2007 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2

Front End on Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Import-Module ServerManager
  • Add-WindowsFeature web-windows-auth,web-mgmt-compat,web-mgmt-console,web-http-logging,msmq-server,msmq-directory,was-process-model,was-config-apis, web-static-content,rsat-adds

Installs the following components:

  • [Web-Windows-Auth] – Windows Authentication
  • [Web-Mgmt-Compat] – IIS 6 Management Compatibility
  • [MSMQ-Server] – Message Queuing Server
  • [MSMQ-Directory] – Directory Service Integration
  • [RSAT-ADDS] – Active Directory Domain Services Tools
  • [WAS-Process-Model] – Process Model
  • [WAS-Config-APIs] – Configuration APIs
  • [Web-Mgmt-Console] – IIS Management Console
  • [Web-Http-Logging] – HTTP Logging
  • [Web-Static-Content] – Static Content

NOTE: If you are to run the create pool wizard from the Front End server against SQL 2008, you also need the MS SQL Native Client: X64 Package (sqlncli.msi) – 7963 KB
Also check out this post of mine whether to run create pool on OCS Front End or Back End SQL server:

Office Communicator Phone Edition deployment on Windows Server 2008

  • Import-Module ServerManager
  • Add-WindowsFeature Web-Static-Content

Installs the following components in addition to Front End prerequisites:

[Web-Static-Content] – Static Content

NOTE: It exists default MIME types for both the .xml and the .cat extensions that is used by the updater. There is however no default for the .nbt extension and you need to configure it manually. See this post on how to do it

Monitoring Server on Windows Server 2008

  • Import-Module ServerManager
  • Add-WindowsFeature msmq-server,msmq-directory

Installs the following components:

  • [MSMQ-Server] – Message Queuing Server
  • [MSMQ-Directory] – Directory Service Integration

CWA Server on Windows Server 2008

  • Import-Module ServerManager
  • Add-WindowsFeature web-windows-auth,web-digest-auth,web-basic-auth,web-mgmt-compat,web-mgmt-console,web-common-http,web-ISAPI-ext,web-ISAPI-filter,web-request-monitor,web-http-redirect,web-http-logging

Installs the following components:

  • [Web-Windows-Auth] – Windows Authentication
  • [Web-Digest-Auth] – Digest Authentication
  • [Web-Basic-Auth] – Basic Authentication
  • [Web-Mgmt-Compat] – IIS 6 Management Compatibility
  • [Web-Mgmt-Console] – IIS Management Console
  • [Web-Common-Http] – Common-http-features
  • [Web-ISAPI-Ext] – ISAPI Extensions
  • [Web-ISAPI-Filter] – ISAPI Filters
  • [Web-Request-Monitor] – Request Monitor
  • [Web-Http-Redirect] – HTTP Redirection
  • [Web-Http-Logging] – HTTP Logging

Mediation Server on Windows Server 2008

  • Import-Module ServerManager
  • Add-WindowsFeature rsat-adds

Installs the following components:

  • [RSAT-ADDS] – Active Directory Domain Services Tools

For base OS prerequisites:
For supporting OCS 2007 R2 after raising the domain functional level:

19 thoughts on “Installing OCS 2007 R2 Prerequisites on Windows Server 2008 R2

  1. […] Posted by Ståle Hansen on 12/08/2009 tweetmeme_url = ''; tweetmeme_alias = ''; tweetmeme_source = '”stalehansen”'; OCS 2007 R2 is now supported on Server 2008 R2 as base OS and as domain functional level. There is some specific prerequisites that need to be installed for Server 2008 R2. I have created a new guide for Server 2008 R2 here: […]

  2. You keep saying RSAT-ADDC. It’s RSAT-ADDS. And the line that contains the following needs to have commas inbetween the services:
    Add-WindowsFeature as-net-framework desktop-experience telnet-client

    • Thanks for making me aware of this :) I changed the telnet line and added commas in-between the services.

      I checked up ADDS vs ADDC. Found out that installing RSAT-ADDS installs the following tools:

      Active Directory Domain Services Tools [RSAT-ADDS]
      Active Directory Domain Controller Tools [RSAT-ADDC]
      Server for NIS Tools [RSAT-SNIS]

      I see a lot of blogs out there using RSAT-ADDC, me included. I have deployed a lot of OCS Front End servers using only RSAT-ADDC and it works just fine, my goal of listing these prerequisites is to install as few features as possible and therefor RSAT-ADDC does what is needed for me. But I see that the Exchange requirements states RSAT-ADDS. that is probably to support as many deployment scenarios as possible. Some good colleagues of mine also use RSAT-ADDS. I have therefore changed this blog to use RSAT-ADDS.

  3. I always use the tshoot.html to troubleshoot internal and external web sites. I think you need to add “web-static-content” to your Front-end command. Could not figure out why 3 of 4 servers would not produce the content in the page, thought I used the same commands for all? Think you can lose the PowerShell entry also, or you would not be at the PowerShell cmdlet? Fails until I remove it. Thanks for the efforts.

  4. Hi Stale.

    I’m currently on an OCS deployment and have found your posts extremely useful and non-confusing, first off I just want to say thanx for that.

    I saw you have a very detailed list of the software pre-reqs for The Front End, CWA, and others.

    Do you have a similiar list for the Edge servers, specifically Consolidated edge on OCS R2 Enterprise Edition.

    • Hi Tony, thanks for commenting!

      For consolidated EDGE there is no prerequisites other than those listed in part one. No additional features needs to be installed. Other prerequisites for consolidated EDGE are correct configuration of NIC’s, DMZ and firewall

  5. […] Ставил вчера OCS 2007 R2 на Windows Server 2008 R2 с последними обновлениями (в таком виде мне передали сервер). В качестве БД использовался SQL 2008. В общем, решение, которое стало поддерживаться только недавно и установка которого имеет множество подводных камней. […]

  6. Stale:

    Are there any new prerequisites for installing OCS 2007 R2 on 2008 Server R2 Sp1???

    Thank you

  7. I wish OCSASNFix.exe was downloadable from somewhere :( Microsoft removed it from there sight :(

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