Troubleshooting Office Web Apps Server for Lync

Recently I had to troubleshoot Office Web Apps Server deployments at a couple of customer sites. I had to work through the config and sometimes the Office Web Apps server feels disconnected from the rest of the Lync configuration and can be a difficult role to troubleshoot. I have tried to collect my notes and if I have missed something, let me know.

How to check that the Office Web App Server Web farm is deployed correct

How to check that Lync detects the Office Web Apps Server correct

  • Look for Evnet ID 41034
    • Web Conferencing Server has successfully discovered Office Web Apps Server, PowerPoint content is enabled
  • Look for Event ID 41032
    • Will show that it found the URL’s correct
    • Clicking on the internal URL should result is a server error message like in this picture
  • To force rediscovery of the URL’s restart the RTCDATAMCU service
    • Run Get-CsWindowsService RTCDATAMCU to see if there is any active conferences
    • Then stop and start the service
    • Look for Event ID 41032
  • Make sure that the Topology Builder is provisioned with the correct Office Web Apps Farm
    • Event ID 41033 is logged if the Lync server is unable to resolve the Office Web Apps Farm

On a side note, you may want to lock down your Office Web Apps Farm so that others can not use it. Read more in this post by MCM Marjus Sirvinsks:

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