Using Lync like a LyncPRO – Look good with the right device in each scenario!

LyncGuruUsing Lync like a LyncPRO is a segment on The UC Architects podcast where I go through tools you as a LyncPRO may want to use to make your experience cooler, easier and you can showcase features to your peers. The tools are typically

– Applicable to the desktop client
– Community developed
– Have requirements outside just running Lync
– Use PowerShell and registry to apply settings

Using Lync like a LyncPRO – Look good with the right device in each scenario!

This LyncPRO tips was featured on The UC Architects podcast Episode 41

As a Lync PRO I want to always succeed with my Lync communications, whether it is at home being productive, on my way to the office or in customer engagements. Here I want to share which devices I use, maybe you use different devices that may work better for you, if so, please share in the comment section or on twitter :)

Here is some of the scenarios I have devices for

  • Headset at the office
  • Headset at home
  • Headset when on the move
  • Conference device for project meetings
  • On the go, backup headset
  • Headset for podcast recordings

Headset at the office

Microsoft-LX-3000-LifeChat-Buy-Online-BigI want to enjoy listening to music and at the same time do Lync calls on my office headset. I work in an open landscape and being able to deep dive in to productivity work is important. Right now I use the LifeChat LX-3000. It is not Lync optimized and I am looking for another headset to replace this one, since the audio is not that good, very little treble, but bass is ok. The problem is that it is not that good in Lync calls, it shows up as a generic device and it is not my primary device if I plug it out and back in.

If you know a better usb based headset with great sound and can be an audio headset for Lync, let me know :) When recording for the UC Architects the tips for a headset of this sort was Plantronics Blackwire C325-M and Plantronics Blackwire C720-M. I will test them out and let you know how it worked.

Headset at home

logitech-wireless-headset-dual-h820erightAt home I use different headset for music and for Lync calls. The reason for this is that it must be wireless, because I like to walk around. At home I use Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e. Whats great about using a DECT headset is that I can walk around the entire house, like getting coffee, pick up a snack while still be in the Lync call. I am very happy with the headset and the sound quality for Lync calls are great.

“Logitech Dual H820e works great when you need to move around and still be in a #Lync call” Tweet this

Headset when on the move

mdYGFZfSka1ZfF4CH9ucm_gI am always on the move and need a headset that works both for Lync and my mobile phone., Here I have chosen JABRA MOTION™ UC MS. What I like most with this headset is that it turns off when I put the headset in the closed position, which means that it almost always have battery and it is not charged out in the morning because I forgot to turn it off when I got home from work. This is the single reason I still have this headset, all other bluetooth headsets I have almost always charged out and ended up not using them. Well done Jabra :)

I always have the USB dongle in my laptop so it is my fallback device for my Lync calls at work or at customer sites as well.

“Closing Jabra Motion UC bluetooth headset for Lync saves and extends battery lifetime” Tweet this

Conference device for project meetings

6703_plI work a lot in projects architecting and implementing Lync. When doing meetings with customers in meeting rooms we often need to add people to the meeting via Lync that did not have chance to be there in person. In these scenarios you need to have a speaker device. Here I use the old Jabra SPEAK™ 410 MS. It always works and it is a great way to show off why Lync projects must include devices for its success.

I have also tested and like the Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e and I think that Sennheiser Speakerphone SP 20 have a good approach to not make their latest speaker bluetooth enabled, but just include a jack plug for your phone for those ad-hoc talks when you need to call someone on the phone and there are more people in the room.

“SpeakerPhones are important for project meetings, proves that devices are key for #Lync success”  Tweet this

On the go, backup headset

JabraVoice2_499x280I need to have a backup headset for when I forget my bluetooth headset and I need a headset and not a speaker because I am in an open landscape at the customer site. Here I use the JABRA UC™ VOICE 250. It is small, wired and easy to fit in my bag so I always got it with me.

This one saved my vacation the other day. I was in Stockholm, my mobile was dead and my bluetooth headset was at home. I was coming from a Lync workshop so I had my computer with me. I booted it up, logged on the 4G with my built-in simcard (that’s why you should have built-in simcard, when your phone is dead) connected my Jabra UC Voice and called my wife, and coordinated where to meet. Literally saved my life! :)

“Jabra UC VOICE 250 is small, wired and easy to fit in bag, works fine as Lync backup device” Tweet this

Headset for podcast recordings

ic_lx6000v2_otherviews01The headset I use when recording for The UC Architects is LifeChat LX-6000
for Business. It works fine, good sound and my sound in the recording is good enough, have not received any complains so far.

Why using optimized for Lync headsets is important

Lync_OptimisedOptimized for Lync is important. it means that the device will show up as a dedicated device in your Lync client device list and all the buttons work like mute and volume. hitting mute will make you show up as muted in Lync and not just mute your headset. This is why the bluetooth headsets come with their own dongles and just pairing them with your built-in bluetooth connection is not a good solution. See the list of all headsets optimized for Lync

“Optimized for Lync headsets is key for a successful rollout, it means that buttons work with Lync” Tweet this

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