Control your Lync presence during a Pomodoro Sprint using PowerShell

This article is for you Lync-PRO’s out there who want to differentiate yourself from the average Lync user and at the same time want to reach true flow state using the Pomodoro Technique

This article discusses

  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • Flow state by Jason Silva
  • My Lync controlling Pomodoro PowerShell Script
  • The Script

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TEL, SIP, mailto, and Lync meeting links association

On a windows 8 machine you can have several application that can open Lync and Outlook related URL’s. This can be a problem since it may not always be the application you want to use that is opening your links. This article will help you take control of your Unified Communications links.

The applications

  • Lync Rich (desktop) client – Opens TEL:, SIP: and Lync meeting links
  • Lync Windows Store App – Opens Lync meeting links
  • Skype – Opens TEL:
  • Chrome – Opens TEL: and mailto:
  • Outlook – Opens mailto:
  • Mail App – Opens mailto:

Usually I would think you would prefer Lync Rich Client and Outlook to open you links. So when the Lync Windows Store app opens meetings you are an administrator of or Skype opens TEL: links when you want to call someone with Lync this could be an issue. I will in this article talk about when you use the URL’s and how to take control over them. Continue reading

Recommendation: Profiles for Lync v2 for Lync 2010 and 2013

A feature not present in the Lync client is the ability to sign in with different accounts. In the native Lync client you can only be signed in with only one identity and there is no easy way to switch identities. As a consultant I implement Lync for a lot of different customers and I need to sing in as them to test features. You probably experience that scenario if you are a Lync administrator as well, testing different settings for different types of users. For Lync 2010 there was a tool developed by Greig Continue reading