Succeed with Lync, BYOD and WiFi

This fall I had the honour of talking at TechEd Barcelona and TechDays Sweden about how to Succeed with Lync, BYOD and WiFi. This is a topic I am quite passionate about since it affects end-user experience. I believe that this is THE key focus areas for a successful Lync deployment. There is a saying that we as consultant, technicians and System Integrators always succeed with implementing the technology, but that does not mean the business are succeeding.

The success factor of any deployment of technology is that the users are able to use it the way it was intended

Succeeding with devices and helping those devices connect to the network and do Lync with the quality that the Lync users expect is key. From now on WiFi is the primary carrier for Lync voice and conferencing, that’s why doing WiFi right is core to any Lync deployment. In my talks I had 5 elements of how to succeed with this

  • Understand Lync Mobile media flow
  • Make sure logon is simple
  • Do unmanaged devices correct
  • Optimize WiFi for Lync
  • Evaluate security and authentication

Download the TechDays Sweden ppt at SlideShare

Watch the Channel9 recording of the TechEd session


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