10 sessions I look forward to at #MSIgnite 2019

There are 1882 sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019. This is an overwhelming number and there should be enough sessions there for you to find your must-attend sessions. For me, these revolve around the keynotes, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

A tip for you, when choosing your sessions, find your rockstars, those you know always deliver great experiences on cool topics you are interested in. Then, find niche topics you want to know more about. Use theater sessions to get info on topics you are not familiar with, in only 20 minutes.

Remember, if there are sessions you have high up on your priority list, make sure you are 30-20 minutes early to get a seat.

Here are my 10 must-attend sessions from my point of view

There are a lot more sessions I will add to my list based on The Microsoft Teams Guide to Ignite 2019 and Ignite 2019 guide to SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Stream and related technology sessions tech community posts. I also recommend checking out theater sessions on topics you are unfamiliar with. These are only 20 minutes and will give a lot of information in a short time.

I sat down with Ignite Community Reporter, Tom Morgan, to talk about the theater session I am doing at Microsoft Ignite and I also gave 7 tips for attendees

If you want to see sessions with me and my team at CloudWay, here are all our sessions https://cloudway.no/calendar-event/microsoft-ignite-3/ 


The best Microsoft Ignite to date

I had a blast at Microsoft Ignite 2018! Here are some reasons why I think it was the best to date:

  • The product groups were accessible and always available for feedback. If you went to the different product group booth you would find prominent members available to chat and discuss their products.
  • Less walking distance, since everything was organized in the same building. This is a great improvement over all other the Microsoft Ignite’s the previous years
  • The focus om community engagement was apparent this year with Community hours and available podcast booths and locations. Even more community members got to share their experience in breakout sessions, meetup sessions, and theater sessions. The community hours had even more people from the product groups join and you got to ask your burning questions and have a great discussion

Microsoft Ignite 2018 group photo with the Microsoft Teams Product Group and MVP’s

This is at least my experience and I may be biased as I got to have a great time delivering three theater sessions, a meetup, guest two podcasts and spend time at the Microsoft Teams booth. But still, compared to the previous years, the vibe during this year Microsoft Ignite was great. If you are thinking of attending next year, make sure you register as soon as possible, for it is going to be awesome. You can pre-register for November 4-8, 2019, in my favorite vacation location, Orlando

Links to my session recordings and slide decks

THR2137 – OneNote Life Hacks


THR2138 – Stream meetings with Microsoft Teams Live Events


THR2241 – Meetings best practices in Microsoft Teams


Podcast: Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams MVP Roundtable


Podcast: Microsoft Teams news – Live Podcast Discussion


I also had the pleasure of bringing all of CloudWay AS  to Orlando this year and had great fun together with Jan Ketil Skanke and Alexander Holmeset. I think networking is a big part of conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, that is why we co-hosted Norwegian networking event at Bahama Breeze together with KPMG, Pexip and Microsoft Norway. Read about our activities here


Speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2018

I am so proud to return as a speaker for the fourth time at Microsoft Ignite 2018, at my favorite vacation spot, Orlando, FL.


I will share my experience with Microsoft Teams meeting best practices in two expo theater sessions. I will again share my passion for personal productivity using OneNote in a third expo theater session. I will team up with featured speaker, Brian Ricks, and other Teams/Skype MVP’s for ask us anything on troubleshooting Teams and Skype in my first ever meetup.


Check out my Teams Live Events session

I am scheduled to be at the Microsoft Teams booth during happy hour on Monday so if you have any burning questions or want to hang out and chat, look me up. I would love to whiteboard some migration scenarios or Teams lifecycle scenarios :)

Microsoft Ignite is a huge event for networking with your peers, that is why I am happy that my company is encouraging that by being a co-host for Norsk Aften on Tuesday.

This is going to be fun! See you there :)

Awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2018-2019!

I am really proud to be awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2018-2019. This is the eighth time I receive this award and it is a real honor to be part of this community and that Microsoft recognizes my contributions. I was awarded as Office Servers and Services MVP and I will continue focus on Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Office 365 and Microsoft 365, in that order.

The MVP award program recognizes your passion for Microsoft technology and your activities for the past 12 month. I think that the MVP program is the key to success because of getting there is not the end of the journey, but the beginning. When you are recognized as an MVP, you have been acting as an MVP for a long time and this is a way for Microsoft to say thank you for something you have already been doing for a couple of years. Getting the reward just means you need to step it up in terms of community activities to be able to get re-awarded. Think about it, there are now 2996 MVP’s and hundreds of thousands of IT Pro’s, this does not happen by itself.

Typical, but not limited to, activities for becoming an MVP are 

  • Contributing code to Projects
  • In-Person and virtual Speaking
  • Engaging in organizing user groups
  • Helping Others
  • Creating Content
  • Providing Feedback
  • Source (mvp.microsoft.com)

Some highlights of my contributions for the past year

Some links to MVP information

Talking Teams automation and OneNote productivity at the Microsoft Campus this August at TechMentor!

Wow! I am going to speak at a conference at the Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond! This is bucket list check for sure. I am soo looking forward to this and hope the attendees will learn a thing or two about Microsoft Teams and get inspired to do more with OneNote in my two sessions.

SPECIAL OFFER: As a speaker, I can extend $500 savings on the 5-day package. Register here: http://bit.ly/RDSPK09_reg

How to Administer Microsoft Teams Like a Boss

This session will help you learn how to take control of Microsoft Teams using PowerShell. You’ll be able to find activities across all workloads to create PowerBI reports and use the information to decommission, archive, or expire inactive teams.

You will learn:

  • How to administer Microsoft Teams using PowerShell
  • Advanced activity reporting on usage using PowerShell and PowerBI
  • How to use advanced activity reporting to decommission, archive or expire Teams

OneNote LifeHack: 5 Steps for Succeeding with Personal Productivity

So you’re using OneNote as your primary note taking tool? Without any structure, you might lose track of all your notes. This session will help you learn how to get structured using OneNote to dump all your thoughts, ideas, e-mails and notes that are either actionable or something you want to find later. You’ll learn five steps to get started with a robust framework from using the sections correctly, take notes with your mobile device, use Microsoft Flow to send e-mail to OneNote from any device, and the Pomodoro Technique to prioritize and induce flow in a busy workday. The magic is to collect all information in one section regardless of the platform.

You will learn:

  • A framework for productivity
  • How to use the GTD methodology and a practical context with OneNote
  • How to use the Pomodoro Technique

Amplify your knowledge at TechMentor Redmond — bring the issues that keep you up at night and prepare to leave this event with the answers, guidance and training you need.  Register now: http://bit.ly/RDSPK09_reg 

Using Mentimeter to interact with your audience

At Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2018, I tried something new. Getting feedback from the audience before my session on their expectations for the session. I tried two different approaches using Mentimeter

  • Write down a question, comment or expectation for the session, open ended
  • What do you associate with OneNote, live word cloud

Both worked out great. I got some good questions that I answered beforehand because I was not going to cover it in my actual session. Other comments where about actual topics during the session that I made sure I covered thoroughly.


I thought the live word cloud was a great icebreaker before the session where people got to see what other associated with OneNote and maybe amplify what they agreed on, and of course add to the word cloud with their own association. It gave me a chance to interact with the audience before the session and know the focus of the attendees

What is Mentimeter?

It is an interactive presentation software that lets you engage with an onsite or online audience live. The attendees participate via their mobile by navigating to a website and entering a code that is displayed onscreen. You have nine different types to choose from and you get five quiz as part of the free getting started package


What I liked about Mentimeter

  • It was easy to get started with
  • You can add a timer to the activity, indicating to the audience when you start your session
  • It looked good
  • It’s anonymous
  • Helped me break the ice in the room.

I recommend you check out the free version and it may be a good tool to get some feedback from the room during a presentation as well. I will definitely try it out again

Slides and demo oneliners from NIC2018 now online

At Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2018 in Oslo, I had the honor of talking about Microsoft Teams and OneNote in two packed sessions. I got some awesome feedback after my sessions and heard that people learned something. That’s the reason I do these talks and want to continue to speak at conferences like this. You can download all slides from the conference via GitHub, which I realize is a super way to share content after a conference.

Download my slides and PowerShell oneliners from my Control Microsoft Teams like a Boss session


Download my slides from my OneNote LifeHack session


My company, CloudWay had a booth at NIC and we had a blast talking secure productivity and give away thousands of mobility swag :)


Check out my speaker profile @SessionizeCom

Check out my speaker profile here:  https://sessionize.com/StaleHansen/

I love sharing my thoughts, ideas and findings from the field at conferences and in user groups. I have been an active public speaker since 2011, my first English session in 2012 was at Nordic Infrastructure Conference in Oslo. My first talk at a conference in the US was in 2014 at the Lync Conference in Las Vegas. From there I have been talking at conferences such as TechEd US and EU, TechDays Sweden, IT/Dev Connections, UCDay UK, Communication Day Belgium and Microsoft Ignite. It has been and is a blast.

I have created a profile at Sessionize.com with links to my speaker experience and current sessions I am focusing on, but not limited to :) If you find any of the topics interesting, do not hesitate to contact me for a talk internally at your company, at your user group (remote via Skype for Business works), or at a conference. Most of the talks are updated frequently with my current experience and features from Microsoft, so they never get old or repetitive :)

Check out my profile here:  https://sessionize.com/StaleHansen/

Speaking at Microsoft Ignite about OneNote and Skype for Business

I am stoked to return to Microsoft Ignite as a speaker for the third time. This year is going to be a blast and I have several sessions and activities lined up

I will also be active in the community and expo area around the OneNote and Skype for Business booth during the week. Do not hesitate to search me out and talk about productivity :D

Launching OneNote LifeHacks YouTube series

I am starting a YouTube series called OneNote LifeHacks. I will share detailed tips on how to set up OneNote to work for you. My system has 5 steps

  1. You wanting to change your habits
  2. Capture to OneNote collection section from all platform
  3. Processing and organizing information
  4. Prioritize using custom tags and find tags to create todo lists
  5. Executing on the lists and induce flow using the Pomodoro Technique

The system is heavily inspired of Getting Things Done, Inbox Zero and the Pomodoro Technique, and you can incorporate good habits that resonates with well with you. It is a robust system and all you have to do is to get started with the capture process and the rest you can do as a bonus

Check out my OneNote LifeHacks explained video

The YouTube series is based on my popular OneNote talk from MVP Community Connect in Madrid 2017 and my article on getting started with OneNote in structured way that I wrote in august 2016. The article has more than 6000 views and are still very popular. The video has over 11500 views and over 130 likes with good feedback. This is very motivational and makes me want to share more of my tips and tricks to succeed with OneNote and get stuff done using some productivity methodologies like GTD and the Pomodoro Technique

Catch me at Microsoft Ignite 2017 where I am talking about OneNote LifeHacks in a 20 minute theater talk. Will be happy to share tips and tricks in OneNote productivity