The Fourth Edition of Office 365 for IT Pros is now available

I am proud to be part of the team that now have produced and released the The Fourth Edition of Office 365 for IT Pros. The book is regularly updated and adjusted to the ever-changing Office 365 Services. This is why there is no printed version of the book. It is available as eBook (PDF + EPUB) and is available in Amazon Kindle Store. Read more and get it here

My contribution is around the Skype for Business chapter and I explain the service from the basics, how to succeed with adoption and usage and dive in to understanding the core technology and optimizing for media quality. This is an evolving book and I will add content to the chapter as new features gets released and as more E5 features becomes mainstream.

The authors, proud to be part of the team

Personally I like the format of the book because it is written by MVP’s that works with the technology every day and have a deep understanding of the underlying technology. I was first introduced to the book when trying to understand how Office 365 Groups works and had difficulty finding relevant and updated documentation on the internet. Reading the chapter on Office 365 Groups in the book helped me get an updated and correct understanding of the service and put it in context of other services in Office 365. This is why I recommend this book to all IT Pros working with Office 365 and needs a general understanding of the entire service.

The Essential Guide to Office 365 for IT Pros

2 thoughts on “The Fourth Edition of Office 365 for IT Pros is now available

  1. Perfect, looking forward to reading the book and the rest of the extra bonus material!
    Ordered, delivered, and now I have something to study during the weekend 🙂
    Marius Fjeld

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