Using Mentimeter to interact with your audience

At Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2018, I tried something new. Getting feedback from the audience before my session on their expectations for the session. I tried two different approaches using Mentimeter

  • Write down a question, comment or expectation for the session, open ended
  • What do you associate with OneNote, live word cloud

Both worked out great. I got some good questions that I answered beforehand because I was not going to cover it in my actual session. Other comments where about actual topics during the session that I made sure I covered thoroughly.


I thought the live word cloud was a great icebreaker before the session where people got to see what other associated with OneNote and maybe amplify what they agreed on, and of course add to the word cloud with their own association. It gave me a chance to interact with the audience before the session and know the focus of the attendees

What is Mentimeter?

It is an interactive presentation software that lets you engage with an onsite or online audience live. The attendees participate via their mobile by navigating to a website and entering a code that is displayed onscreen. You have nine different types to choose from and you get five quiz as part of the free getting started package


What I liked about Mentimeter

  • It was easy to get started with
  • You can add a timer to the activity, indicating to the audience when you start your session
  • It looked good
  • It’s anonymous
  • Helped me break the ice in the room.

I recommend you check out the free version and it may be a good tool to get some feedback from the room during a presentation as well. I will definitely try it out again

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