Recommendation: Profiles for Lync v2 for Lync 2010 and 2013

A feature not present in the Lync client is the ability to sign in with different accounts. In the native Lync client you can only be signed in with only one identity and there is no easy way to switch identities. As a consultant I implement Lync for a lot of different customers and I need to sing in as them to test features. You probably experience that scenario if you are a Lync administrator as well, testing different settings for different types of users. For Lync 2010 there was a tool developed by Greig

Profiles for Lync v2

Here is some key features with this tool

  • Works with Lync 2010 and 2013
  • Helps you manage your multiple sign in aliases across multiple deployments
    • Up to 40 profiles!
  • Can do automatic or manual server settings
  • All passwords are encrypted
  • You can export and import profiles
  • I have tested it successfully signing in to Lync Server and Lync Online
  • Most importantly helps you quickly switch between identities
    • It signs you out of the current session and in with a new one superfast, which makes it very easy and painless to switch
  • Read his blog post for full details:

I really recommend this tool, it really makes my day a lot easier. I can now quickly sign in as a customer to troubleshoot or test features. I used it a lot in v1 and it has only gotten better in v2.

Enjoy and download it here:

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