Lync Server 2013: Unable to publish Topology, trouble with trusted servers

When publishing the topology from the Lync 2013 topology builder you may experience the following error message and the operation will fail:

Error: A trusted server with the type “” and the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) “” was found for a different Transport Layer Security (TLS) target


Do the following to resolve this issue.

  • Open ADSIedit
  • Navigate to Configuration > CN=Services > CN=RTC Service > CN=Trusted Services
  • Right click an entry and select properties
  • type: “msr”
    • to find the Lync entries
  • See if this is the service refered to in the error message
  • Delete each entry concerning your trusted server, make sure it matches type and portnumber
    • for me it was three entries


  • Go back to the topology builder and publish the topology again
  • Now see that this was successful
  • Go back to ADSI edit and see that the trusted server entries has been recreated
    • press F5 till all entries are there, may take a few minute



This solved my issue, I have not experienced any problems concerning the entries that was changed. Lync is not that dependent on what is stored in Active Directory, and the topology builder should recreate any missing entries when it is rerun. I don’t think this operation is a high risk for the deployment as a whole, but do be careful when using ADSI edit, its all at your own risk.

5 thoughts on “Lync Server 2013: Unable to publish Topology, trouble with trusted servers

  1. Thanks it resolved my Lync issue. for our case we deleted all entries under CN=Trusted Services

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