Cannot complete the transfer in Lync Server 2013

Recently I had a standard Lync call forwarding issue at a new SIP trunk deployment. The problem was that I could not forward any calls to my cellphone, use call forwaring or simring. This was a Lync 2013 deployment, but making sure that EnableSipRefer is set to $False still applies in 2013. And usually fixes this issue by using this PowerShell Cmdlet: Set-CsTrunkConfigurationEnableReferSupport $False. After running the cmdlet it usually just works and to be sure I logged the client out and in. So if you have the same issue try this first.

This time though it did not work, even when stopping and starting the Lync services. I had to troubleshoot more.


I whipped out Lync Logging Tool and snooper  from the Lync 2013 Debugging Tools and had a look at the servers involved, logging S4 and SIP stack, recreating the issue. After spending some hours drinking coffee and looking at logs I saw two distinct error sip messages and diagnostics headers

  • ms-diagnostics: 1;reason=”Service Unavailable“;AppUri=””;reason=”Failed when constructing the outgoing request“;source=”<Lync2013PoolFQDN>”
  • ms-diagnostics: 1;reason=”Service Unavailable“;ErrorType=”Other”;HRESULT=”0x80090011(NTE_NOT_FOUND)”;source=”<Lync2013PoolFQDN>”
    • I got this one when I tried to do a pure Lync to Lync transfer, so it turns out call forwarding was not working at all
    • Searching for 0x80090011(NTE_NOT_FOUND) led me to a non Lync blog post stating that you have a serious error on your 2008 R2 Server operating system, which I had in this scenario
    • The post states three possible resolutions, one of them was run Windows Update, install all outstanding patches and reboot the server
      • The other two possibilities I did not like, because they stated that you had serious issues with your server OS.
    • I checked Windows Update, and there where three updates waiting to be installed, I installed them, rebooted the server and voila, it worked!
    • I have never seen this problem before so it had me scratching my head and I have never encountered that Windows Update can make things crash in Lync.


If you have this error message

can not complete the transfer

  • Try Set-CsTrunkConfigurationEnableReferSupport $False
  • Check Windows Update, run it, and reboot the server
  • And check for one more thing:
    • I noticed that in a Lync 2013 client if I type the number I am transferring to and hit enter superfast I can actually get this error as well in a working deployment
    • So make sure you give the client 1 second to normalize the number correct before you transfer

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