Using Lync like a LyncPRO – Disable Lync client pop-ups!

LyncGuruUsing Lync like a LyncPRO is a segment on The UC Architects podcast where I go through tools you as a LyncPRO may want to use to make your experience cooler, easier and you can showcase features to your peers. The tools are typically

– Applicable to the desktop client
– Community developed
– Have requirements outside just running Lync
– Use PowerShell and registry to apply settings

If you have a LyncPRO tips you want to share, head over to The UC Architects LinkedIn discussion for this topic, or leave a comment below

Using Lync like a LyncPRO – Disable Lync client pop-ups!

This LyncPRO tips was featured on The UC Architects podcast Episode 37

Have you ever rebuilt your PC and installed a fresh Lync client or use a customer Lync computer to validate features where you get these pop-ups welcoming you in to the meeting, notifying you that the meeting will continue after you leave the meeting? Well now MVP Greig Sheridan has created a PowerShell script that disables these pop-ups through registry for you. What the script does

  • .\Set-Lync2013ClientWarnings.ps1 expert
    • will disable all pop ups
  • .\Set-Lync2013ClientWarnings.ps1 default
    • will delete the registry entries so that you can demo the pop-ups or you want to live like a new user
  • Will control these scenarios
    • DSCLOSEVOICE”, “DSCLOSEVOICEVIDEO”, “DSCLOSELSCONF”, “DSLogoutCloseConversations”, “DSStartAppsharingNotification”, “DSAppsharingGrantControlNotification”, “DSAppsharingGrantControlToSpecificPersonNotification


Totally recommend that you as a LyncPRO use this script to control your pop-up experience. Head over to Greig’s blog to download the script

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