Using Lync like a LyncPRO – Use custom presence states!

LyncGuruUsing Lync like a LyncPRO is a segment on The UC Architects podcast where I go through tools you as a LyncPRO may want to use to make your experience cooler, easier and you can showcase features to your peers. The tools are typically

– Applicable to the desktop client
– Community developed
– Have requirements outside just running Lync
– Use PowerShell and registry to apply settings

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Using Lync like a LyncPRO – Use custom presence states!

Ok, this is a topic that has been around since the early days, where you can add more presence states than the predefined you find in your client today. Custom presence states lets you pimp your presence field with your own states that reflect how you feel and what you are doing. Lately things got a bit more awesome, here is why:

  • MVP Greig Sheridan has created a tool that lets you set presence states with shortcuts
  • Now this tool support custom presence states
  • I went and created a PowerShell script for automating the process of creating the xml file and correct registry settings
    • For those of you who do not have centrally deployed custom presence states
    • Or for those of you who want your own states


  1. Download the script and run it
  2. This will create the following custom presence states

  3. After you have played with the new presence states you can download HIDnLync 2013
  4. It is easy to set up
  5. You can choose your own custom presence states and be able to change them with keyboard shortcuts
  6. I use it to tell my peers that I am in a mobile call or am teaching Lync in a class
  7. Got any useful presence states, share them in the comments field below :)

8 thoughts on “Using Lync like a LyncPRO – Use custom presence states!

  1. Great script!
    One small remark the file path should have slashes instead of backslashes.

    Best Regards,

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