My sessions from Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2015 are online


At the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) 2015 I did three sessions that you can view on YouTube below. It was a really great conference and the keynote stage was really awesome. The speaker roster was at TechEd level. And lots of the featured speakers at Ignite where present as well like Johan Arwidmark, John Craddock,  Kent Agerlund and Sami Laiho to name a few. Here is some pictures from the conference.


The Skype, Hybrid and Skype for Business session

At the Lync booth at TechEd Europe three questions where prominent:

  • When will video come to Skype?
  • When will I be able to do Enterprise Voice in Online?
  • What is coming in Skype for Business?

This session will reflect on those questions and you will leave the session knowing more about Skype integration, advantages with hybrid and what is coming in Skype for Business

A practical approach to the Lync Call Quality Methodology

The Lync Call Quality Methodology (CQM) is a systematical approach to not only troubleshoot and fix problems in your Lync infrastructure, but also establish a methodology that is used pro-actively to prevent problems in Lync communications internally as well as with external parties. This session will walk through the methodology and provide scenarios where we have successfully utilized it.

Using Lync like a LyncPro Live!

Ståle Hansen goes through tools you as a LyncPRO may want to use to make your experience cooler, easier and you can showcase features to your peers. The tools are typically applicable to the desktop client, community developed, have requirements outside just running Lync and use PowerShell and registry to apply settings. You will enjoy this session if you want to make more out of your Lync experience.

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