Slides and videos from my Lync sessions on NIC2012 are now available

This year Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) arranged for the first time. I am really honored to be considered to speak at an international conference and together with so many great speakers that I look up to. Speakers like Brian Komar, Johan Arwidmark, Martin Lidholm, Olav Tvedt, Thomas Lee and many others attended and I enjoyed their sessions. See list of speakers here: My sessions where about Lync Server 2010 troubleshooting and integrations. I enjoyed speaking there even though my spoken english is not the best, I think I got the points accross :) View the videos from NIC:

Lync Server 2010 Troubleshooting

The goal of this session is to help you understand what troubleshooting tools that are at your disposal and will show them in an actual scenario. When troubleshooting a solution as Lync Server 2010 it is smart to know how things work as well. Therefore this session will also touch upon how the Lync SIP server works and what the Lync Edge server actually is.

View the video and download the slides

Lync Server 2010 Integrations

This session will take a look at all the differente integrations with Lync Server 2010 and how they play out. Expect to get a good overview of the possibilities available to enhance the experience of Lync. This session will not contain that many demos but will focus on pros and cons with the different types of integrations.

View the video and download the slides

Also take a look at the other Lync sessions by Martin Lidholm

I also did a Flash Talk at the Microsoft Booth demonstrating how to roll out Custom Presence States using Set-CsClientPolicy and also how to set it in registry

6 thoughts on “Slides and videos from my Lync sessions on NIC2012 are now available

  1. Hi Ståle – want to try out the Custom Presence States out locally (via registry) and possible in our deployment. Could you add the contents of the .xml file you briefly showed in the presentation and also the registry keys/content?

    Did I hear you state that only 4 custom states 1:51 is possible or was that just relating to your example?

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