Lync sessions from Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) 2013 now online

262088_196758450372054_3536971_nJanuary 24th 2013 I had the honour to speak at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) in Oslo. There where 30 speakers and 24 of them where MVP’s presenting on topics like Windows Server, Virtualization and Cloud, System Management, Unified Communications and Windows Client. There was a lot of great speakers this year as last time like Jeffrey Snover, Scott Schnoll, Johan Arwidmark, Justin Morris and Martin Lidholm to name a few. See a screen of all the speakers. Of the sessions I managed to attend I would really recommend watching the video of  Jeffrey Snover’s PowerShell CrashCourse.

This year it was six Lync 2013 sessions and all of them in one day. So you could spend the whole first day with Lync which was great. I had two talks shared below

Lync Server 2013: Network Quality considerations in LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi

In this session I talk about

  • VoIP Metrics
  • Demo of how the Lync client notifies users of poor network
  • Codecs and bandwidth
  • Lync bandwidth planning
  • Short demo of the Lync bandwidth calculator
  • QoS in networks
  • Optimizing for voice in Wi-Fi with different vendors
  • Download the slides from SlideShare:
  • Click the picture to view the recording


Lync Server 2013: Best Practice: Active Monitoring with Operations Manager

In this session I talk about


View all the recording from NIC including the Lync talks by Justin Morris and Martin Lidholm:

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